Marblehead Summer House - Reservations


There’s a reason why autumn and summer are prime time for visiting New England: the warm weather invites newcomers to enjoy the landscape to the fullest, and have the opportunity to get a taste of the area’s incomparable history. That’s also why you should make sure you have your spot in advance, so as not to miss the experience of a lifetime. In other words, Marblehead Summer House is now taking reservations.

Through our online form, you can reserve your spot now for a week-long or weekend getaway at our unique Marblehead, MA lodging. Whether it’s a question about our seasonal rates or the Summer House itself, we’re always available to talk over the phone. Our numbers are 781-631-1430 or cell 803-840-6252. If the line is busy, you'll be routed to John's voice mail, so just leave us a message and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. Or email us at

Since 1771, the Marblehead hotels have been providing visitors with a visit to the area like none other. We want to make sure you can join in on the experience, too.

For more information on reservations, contact us today!

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Or Call:  803-840-6252      

(If the line is busy you'll be routed to John's voice mail)


We can't wait to meet you !!!!!!!!!!!!!