The Marblehead Summer House
27 Front St.
Marblehead, MA  01945


There are two main roads into Marblehead,
“114” from the north, and “129” from the south.
Both are accessed from Rt. “1A”

For directions from Boston International Airport click here.


The house is on the RIGHT about 150 yards from the beginning of Front Street, which is where the BYC, (Boston Yacht Club) is, and the last curve you take.  It has a brown porch, pale lavender siding and a unique mosaic house number beside the front steps.  YOU CAN’T MISS IT !!!!!!!!!!

If you get lost in Marblehead just ask for directions to the “BYC” (Boston Yacht Club). 

The following map shows the way to the house from Abbot Hall.  But if you're directed down "Gregory St.", (named after my Great Great Grandfather), you'll still end up on "Lee St.", so the map might be helpful.  And Yes, nearly every street in Old Town is one way.


Here are some pics to help you recognize the house!!!  The most unique thing is probably the mosaic by the front steps, (top of page), but you may not see it if there is a car parked in front of it.  We're on the RIGHT !